Snip; and paper still bleeds

Print is not dead. How can it be? The human mind isn’t programmed to understand every concept in audio, video and flash form only. Media that adds entertaining value to print is great, and to fit today’s online standards, necessary. But print, being paper or text on the Internet is the foundation for all other media’s to build upon. The online world is transforming the way we think we need our news presented to us, when in actuality nothing is clearer and more to the point than black ink on white paper. Some may disagree. It’s possible years from now paper will be seen as the more unique form of news consumption, like bell bottoms, ripped jeans and blues brother sun glasses that have all reappeared as fashion statements.

Every person has turned to the Internet as their main resource. Statistically, behavior changes over time, therefore paper’s back burner residence will change. As people look around themselves, see a bunch of black- or whatever colored- plastic only to visually stumble upon the person in the corner, who’s folding up the paper on their way out the door. It looked so easy, light and portable. You’ll look down at the screen on which 100 different windows are open and become immediately overwhelmed in what will become an all-inclusive inconvenience, at times. Obviously the Internet makes everyone’s life more convenient but not in the same way paper does. So paper can’t die because it serves alternate purposes the Internet just cannot. Web crazies threaten papers demise in their blogs and sorts, saying all consumers can find their place on the Web, but in reality they’ve been consumed themselves by the Internet and lost sight of how we got there in the first place.


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