Who’s is enslaving who?

Tim Berners-Lee said machines will soon rise to levels of permanence and intuitivism; knowledge will be out of our hands and stored all in one place.  Currently, though seemingly different, the Internet is a young baby, shallow and scattered.  Refining this tool to excellence will only stack more dependence upon our shoulders, or brains shall I say.  What will happen to the value of learning and retaining knowledge when a computer can think and store for you?

“These computers are supposed to be there for us, not the other way around,” Berners-Lee said.  At what point will we recognize and hold the importance of human beings cognitive abilities above that of a machine? Ancestral story telling seems almost ridiculous nowadays. Your computer tells the story that makes you cry/laugh. A computer cannot interpret what you want/ feel, and it cannot inflict pain or pleasures, yet. Imagine a world where eyes look directly at the electronic screen for all solutions; there is no conversation because there is nothing to talk about and eye contact, the mere thought of gazing into another fleshy soul could become a life changing experience.

So the question becomes, who’s enslaving who? While computers are doing all of the thinking, configuring and hard work, humans are sitting back relishing in a simple semi-satisfactory situation called loneliness.  The point when which we give our minds to the machines will be both the end of personal intimacy but the start of extensive personalization.

Is it possible for something to exist without it being on the web? It will be a never ending quest/battle for identity, competing for our place in the world against the Internet.


One response to “Who’s is enslaving who?

  1. al petersen (cow postcard)

    Wow! your blog is very thought provoking. I can’t figure how your knowledge of computers is able to meld with such dramatic writing ability? You are really confessing your worries in this and the other pieces. I know you will find security as your life progresses. thanks for giving me a chance to look at this.

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