Terrifically Terrified

The thought of spending my fading time learning to dissect and reassemble codes in hyper text mark-up language doesn’t exactly throw me into jubilation.  Although it’s understood that the language of the Web is useful for career rearing purposes.  The tiny tags that symbolically collide, if done effectively, can create a friendly interface that is functional, informational and easy to navigate.  

Let us pretend that a major company is relying on you to redesign their homepage so that it embodies their flavorful purpose, if you will. You are probably going to make stacks of the mean green, ($); also it’s enjoyable to know that the curve could be chasing you. Web designing is the new tan skin, good clothes and socialite personality; http://jscms.jrn.columbia.edu/cns/2008-02-19/jacobs-geekchic. Hold the ability to manifest a person’s favorite domain in the palm of your hands and be reminded of the small intricate steps that led you there.

The only hang-ups would be those quick glimpses of the outside world. The want, the need to feel apart of natural earthly formations, not to mention the utter boredom that arises after about twenty minutes in front of the computer screen.   The idea of creating personal real-estate space on the Web is intriguing  me, but becoming obsessed with webpage upkeep isn’t healthy.

For all of those who are obsessed, and to myself, don’t forget that your web ‘skin’ is not your real skin.  http://thedarkestevil.com/internet-life/apple/519-i-am-not-obsessed-i-am-an-apple-evangelist/



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