Reading makes me tired…

By the time I read a chapter in a text book, I could have read ten chapters online.  Sure the first sentence of every paragraph are the only ones upholding a purpose in life, but who really cares? That’s why mojo’s (mobile journalists who post directly online with self-editing process), are writing for that type of eye, the type that searches for what they want to see and nothing else. Scanning over hundreds of words doesn’t quite exercise the mind; can it be that Google is making us stupid?

Books allow you to transcend synchronous space and float through world’s intangible to the hands; such a far fetch from scanning, scrolling and paging through interfaces until you’ve reached the very end at which point you couldn’t regurgitate the content even if you tried. It is my understanding that people who read print, whether it be fiction or news, those people actually enjoy the slower momentum that enables the mind to open up, letting the words absorb instead of bounce off annoyingly.

There is always the other side of an argument. Reading on the web could enlighten you and/or connect you to some information that you might not have otherwise been exposed to.  There are many media types on the Web; it is almost impossible to engulf yourself in the text alone, therefore the Web remains a place for focused searches and an information speedway, (which is faster than a highway), for those of us who know what we want and when we want it.  Readers, stick with the books. Here’s some outside opinions on the topic.


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