Let’s Make History

Today’s historical record is being and will be shaped by the increasing prevalence of web journalism and the vast array of technological devices tied into the internet. Replacing the printed word more and more every day, web journalism feeds off the simple efforts of average citizens with camera phones in ways that journalists and historians of the past could hardly dream. Every journalist wants the information for their story to come from as close a source to the story as possible. In light of the creation of the internet and technological advancements in communications media, almost any bystander can be an instant primary source of information for the web journalist. This trend towards greater speed and accuracy in the recording and distribution of news will also reshape the way history is recorded. Imagine if historians didn’t have to rely on the epic poetry of Homer but could simply click on a web link to Odysseus’s video phone to see and hear, first hand, what he saw as he blinded the Cyclops. The historical record that web journalism can be predicted to create will be one of far less ambiguity. While “spin” may never be completely removed from news of the historical record in the future the old axiom that “history is written by the victors” my no longer ring true. With enough independent primary sources, granted by the boom of technological advancement, history may have the voice to represent itself. Keep your eyes wide.


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