Urban Impacts on Agriculture – Is Technology Helping?

Both Butte County and the region need an outreach program where farmers, skilled laborers, and the emerging workforce can access the latest technological and industrial trends, and necessary training to maintain business efficiencies and communications that will develop solutions pertaining to the growing urbanization of California Agriculture. With unemployment rates averaging above and educational levels below national averages, and a seasonal, cyclic agriculture-based economy, enhancement of agricultural through the blending of technologies and farming techniques is necessary to serve the needs of both urban and rural businesses, and to protect and promote these key components of the local, state, and national economies westernfarmpress.com/mag/farming_urbanization_among_farm/.

The question at hand is how can we entice farmers to continue to keep updated with available technological trends and technologies.  To begin implementing the trend of high-tech use on every day farms education programs need to be established on all levels.  From college environmental courses, to in-depth research from CA Universities and Colleges demonstrating the importance of adopting the never-ending advancement of technology.  Its apparent that California needs to shift from being overly concerned with the maximizing of growth to a more efficient approach www.courierpress.com/news/2006/May/11/farmers-need-technology-too/ .


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