Interesting Enough, People Will Come

A community is both local and global, a collaboration of information and ideas from people who share either the same space and time, or simply the same interests. Walls and roads are no longer the infrastructure necessary for a community. Because it is so incredibly easy to contact people all over the world, the definition of community has and still is changing. 


Social belonging is something all human beings need; the ways in which we satisfy this need can range from front porch sittin’ with the fellow neighbors, to allotting some time for you and your best companion, the comp. Community means different things to different people; however, the common thread that connects all communities everywhere are the people themselves gathered for specific charismatic interests. Communities are interdependent movements, a cooperation of sorts allowing new ideas to emerge and change. Communities exist even before they are concretely established. If the interest is there, people will come. According to, Phil Bartle, PhD and sociologist, there are specific structures that make up what a community is:


Falling into welcoming circumstances, whether it’s because of special interests or because we share synchronous boundaries, there are many ways to construct a community and more realistically, ways the community constructs us. If you’re looking to enhance a specific community of your own visit:


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