Hot Wired for News

In the olden’ days of print media, general public had almost no say concerning what made up the front page of the newspaper.  Only the editorial board made the decision as to what news was considered important and that which disappeared off the page.  Does this mean we were not thinking for ourselves? Possibly basing our beliefs on someone else’s morals and interests?  In a way, I guess we were. Scrutinize the news media as a critical thinker and reader and learn why Internet is crucial at


Current news media has been reshaped by the ability to electronically interact about any issue, in the world, ever. More notably described as, “user driven social content websites,” according to David Weinberger. for example, “miscellaneous” people are influencing news media in big ways. The constant stream of all information all at once is an intimidating concept to swallow, but not if you learn how to manage it and use it to benefit you.  The question is not how much is too much anymore because it’s already there; caveat emptor, buyer beware.


There is no turning back now from the Internets strong grasp on American culture.  The freedom to obtain any information has been bestowed upon us, now it is up to the individual to sift through to find the ‘truth’.


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