Changing Technology and Journalism

There has been many factors concerning changing technology and how it has impacted the culture of journalism and they way it is practiced.  Journalism first tried to combat cable TV by designing web videotext using a 900BOD modem. The 900BOD was very slow an inefficient so the videotext wave didn’t last long.  During the second wave of the web, text was being dumped onto websites, (shovelware),  which intriqued the public but wasn’t enough to take the mass population of news readers away from the tangible paper.  Then browsers were invented so that web users had free access any information they were looking for. Big new news stories drove people to the web because they wanted all the information and they wanted is fast.  This became the emergence of ‘new media’ for big stories. For example, when 9/11 happened, the web became a main source for news. Thereafter people began using the internet more and more for their personal needs. Today the Internet is personalized for each user based on one’s likes, dislikes beliefs and interests.


One response to “Changing Technology and Journalism

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